Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture is the largest tin producer in Australia and mines one of the highest quality tin deposits in the world. The Renison Mine is jointly owned by Metals X and Yunnan Tin and performs a critical operation in the global transition to renewable energy.

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Paste fill plant

We have invested more than $30 million over the past two years to construct a paste fill plant which allows us to extract from a high-grade ore body and then safely store some of the waste product back underground.
Tin Uses

Future technology and energy requirements are expected to result in skyrocketing demand for tin.

Everything from phones to medical equipment to solar panels are reliant on tin solder ­– the “glue” that holds electronics together. The energy generation, computing and robotics, energy storage and electric vehicle sectors all depend upon a steady supply of tin to meet growing demand.

The Renison Mine strives to sustainably supply the world with this invaluable mineral, all from the wild West Coast of Tasmania.

31 of tin is from recycled sources
top TIN APPLICATION USAGE IN 2019 solder 47%

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