Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest tin producer and represents a partnership between Metals X Ltd and YTPAH Pty Ltd, successfully supplying 3% of the world tin production each year and growing.

Our History

Tin was first discovered in the Renison Bell area in 1890 by George Renison Bell. In the 1930s, serious exploration into the area resulted in a boom in mining activity. In 1958, Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company Limited acquired the site, investing in considerable infrastructure to bring mining activities into line with modern production methods. Expansion continued well into the 1990’s with ownership changing hands a few times, but each investing into the modernisation of mining operations. In the early 2000s, Renison Tin Operations was born under operation of Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture, a partnership between Metals X Limited and Yunnan Tin Group.

Modern mining methods and technology have are being constantly explores, making the Renison Mine one of the most advanced tin mines. Today, the operation supports around 500 direct employees and contractors, around half of which live locally on the West Coast, and half at the Renison Camp in Zeehan.

MetalsX is committed to the responsible and sustainable mining of tin and is a member of International Tin Association.

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