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Bluestone Mines Tasmania Joint Venture has a strong capital investment program which speaks to our confidence and commitment to a long ongoing future of the Renison Tin Mine. This includes the construction of a new paste backfill system. 

Surface and underground construction is well under way and will soon be culminating in plant commissioning and the filling of our first stope. Paste backfill allows us to maximise ore recovery whilst reducing our environmental impact. 

The paste system will deliver an average of 50m3/hr of paste when operating. A portion of the mill tailings stream will be thickened, mixed with cement and transferred 1100m underground via a network of vertical drill holes and horizontal pipework. 

Other environmental projects, including a new contaminated water treatment plant, sewerage treatment plant, oil/water separator and upgrades to surface fuelling infrastructure, will also be delivered as part of the Paste Backfill Plant. These investments will further reduce our impact and deliver better operational outcomes for the business.

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17 October, 2022
Backfill plant
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Cemented paste backfill is a currently accepted mining best practice, offering improved mine safety and the ability to recover resource more effectively.