Paste fill and water treatment plant opens at the Renison Mine

Bluestone Mines Joint Venture officially opened $37 million in infrastructure, a significant investment to deliver improved environmental outcomes and maximise mineral extraction at the Renison Mine.

Minister for Resources, Felix Ellis MP joined us to officially open the plant on a perfectly sunny West Coast day, touring the site with our paste plant specialist, Callum Spiller and chief operating officer, Mark Recklies.

We have invested more than $30 million over the past two years to construct our paste fill plant which allows us to extract from a high-grade ore body and then safely store some of the waste product back underground. We utilise the waste products to make a material called paste fill, which is then used to backfill open voids.

Bluestone has also invested $7 million in a purpose-built water treatment facility to capture and treat all mine water outflows using an innovative seeding process with a combination of tailings, lime, and agitation to create an environmentally sound product which can in turn settle waste material.
The opening of our new paste plant and water treatment plant is an extremely exciting development and a sign of our commitment in reducing our environmental footprint and actively working to improve historical mining practices at the Renison Mine. The Bluestone team is proud not only of the investment we make in this community every single day, but also of our commitment to pursuing better environmental outcomes to look after our people and the place they call home.

Bluestone acknowledges all employees and contractors who made this project possible and assisting in our mission to be a sustainable, efficient, capable, disciplined and well-respected tin producer.